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              OEM\ODM smart wearablesbusiness


              The business segmentis principallyengaged in provision of product manufacturing and related services for leading manufacturers of smart wearables (smart wristband, pay watch, kids GPS trackersmart watch, etc.) around the world, including Acer, Walgreen, NEWland, Striiv, 3PLUS and other customers.

              Upholding the manufacture and technology-oriented philosophy, and focusing on improvement of manufacture and innovation capability,SCUD penetrates into the global high-end industrial chain. By enhancingits internal management and promoting technology manufacture, entrepreneurshipand innovation, SCUD is committed to developing into aglobal leading integrated solution provider and a world-class smart wearables manufacturer.

              Leveraged on its powerful manufacturing system and flexible bulk production, SCUD substantially improves its product yields, consistency and production efficiency. With its well-established management system, ERP system and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems),SCUD implements professional operation covering from material procurement, inspection, product development, techniques to manufacturing. In addition, SCUD owns laboratories with national CNAS certification.

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