? Own-Brand Business - SCUD Group Limited
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              Own-Brand Business

              “SCUD” own-brand business principally engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sale of SCUD brand lithium-ion battery modules for mobile phones, tablets and digital products battery and related accessories. ?SCUD brand products mainly include replaceable batteries for mobile phone, power banks and various chargers, mainly through its vast distribution network and online stores to market SCUD brand products. “SCUD” is a strong brand with independent sales network , the Group is in the PRC battery industry has a strong sales channel network and the most advanced manufacturing scale for portable digital electronic productsprovide a comprehensive battery solutionsfor PRC battery industry's most brand value. SCUD has experienced more than 2,000 talented employees, the majority of R&D staff has served the country well-known electronics companies, such as Huawei, ZTE, CPT, Newland, TPV and other companies. SCUD Industrial Park covers an area of ??300 acres and has advanced automatic SMT production equipment and production lines. “SCUD” brand lithium-ion battery module products in the industry enjoyed a high reputation of safety and quality, lithium-ion battery module of the main components of the power management system (BMS) produced by the group itself, has become one of the lithium-ion battery capacities of the strongest areas of design and perfect supporting capacity lithium-ion battery module manufacturers.




              SCUD elegant demeanour

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