Tragedy Has Struck…





On May 3rd, at approximately 1:30 am Schadt Avenue Nails was burglarized and subsequently caught fire due to suspicious circumstances. The person who called 911 said they saw someone fleeing the scene of the crime. It can only assumed that the person who burglarized our shop may have also set fire to it. As a result, Schadt Avenue Nails had to be closed because the damage was far too extensive to continue to operate. To add insult to injury, the insurance policy had lapsed just weeks before the incident due to a clerical error. The insurance company was unwilling to budge on their policy even though they had been paid faithfully through years. The fire claimed the shop and everything in it. It was a total loss for Schadt Avenue Nails.

UPDATE: Schadt Avenue Nails will be reopening their shop on August 1st! Thank you to all who have supported them!!!


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My name is Nicole and my mother and I are customers of Schadt Avenue Nails. When we heard of the tragedy that happened to them we sent them a card saying how sorry we were by what happened. We offered our sympathy but I felt as though we needed to do more. That is why we started this website, to tell the world what great people they are and what an amazing business they run.

I suffer from Cerebral palsy which makes it difficult to do many things. One of the things that really brings me joy is getting my nails done. For years I have been going from salon to salon only to be turned away or ridiculed by other shops. I’ve had shop owners tell me not to come back because the service is too hard or it takes too long. It is incredibly disheartening when someone won’t even take your money because of a handicap.

Everything changed when my mother and I found Schadt Avenue Nails. Andy and Tina were supportive and patient from the moment we came in. No one has ever treated me with the same dignity and respect that they have. Andy and Tina Tran opened Schadt Avenue Nails so they could serve their community by doing something they loved. They made every effort to help those in need by donating our time or funds and have faithfully donated a portion of the shop’s proceeds to cancer research and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Beyond that, they have spent time working with disabled and handicapped individuals, helping them in any way they can. They do this because that is what communities do. Their shop will be reopened on August 1st. Check them out, you will be glad that you did!


A Message To True Friends…


Andy & Tina [Schadt Avenue Nails],
What you did meant a lot. Thanks so much for taking the time to do Nicole’s nails, even with her handicap. Both of you are thoughtful, caring, and remarkable people. We are praying each and every day and night that it won’t be too long until you can open your shop.

Love you guys,
Nicole & Madge


A Note From Management

Over the summer months Schadt Avenue Nails had some very busy days. As a result, some people got double booked and had an unacceptable wait time. We would like to apologize for this. Our scheduling system has been completely restructured so that this will never happen again. We know your time is valuable and assure you that you will get the most prompt service possible!